Adrian Galea

Venture Capital portfolio manager

I have 12 years experience in early stage finance and corporate finance. I managed a portfolio of more than 100 startups across Switzerland, Europe and the US where I helped portfolio startups raise more then 25Mln € in early stage finance, added value to their growth as well as assisted with a couple of exits for our investors. I have developed knowledge programmes for novice and experienced business angels and maintained and upgraded tools and processes on an ongoing basis for more than 800+ investor network. As an early employee, I executed our startup's financing rounds, raising capital from business angels, VCs & family offices. I set up business units and completed investment financing rounds in several countries throughout Europe and in the US. My current key engagements include a $165+Mln US/EU based Venture Capital fund. My interests are related to all matters dealing with early stage finance, in particular assisting the strategic implementation and execution of seed/series a financing rounds, either from the founder-side or from the investor-side. My specialty is in the formulation of the investment round strategy and the execution of the closing process.

What I can help you with

Startup Mentoring
Investor portfolio manager
Guest writing and speaker engagements

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