Launch of Malta Startup Beat

The startup scene in Malta is still nascent and has much growing up to do. Whilst it does feature budding entrepreneurs in various sectors such as consumer tech, fintech, digital health and tourism to name a few, as well as well-meaning advisors from the finance, academic and tech fields, the support ecosystem around it is yet to fully take shape. It certainly lacks critical mass of innovative and well researched ideas coming to market and sufficient interest from private industry in this space. Public resources have been made available, now it is up to us to initiate and instil life into the grassroots movement around startups.

This newsletter update is devised to keep up with the latest happenings around Malta connected startups so that interested stakeholders will have a go-to place to learn about all the news, events and profiles that feature in our ecosystem. Indeed, startup activity is present not only on the island, but also being represented overseas. I recently learned that Maltese entrepreneurs are alumni of the prestigious Y Combinator in the US, having raised more than $50M USD in Venture Capital for their ideas, others are winning European competitions and being taken on-board by international accelerator programmes. The more known case studies, such as Altaro and Hotjar employ thousands of people and consider global multinationals as their clients.

By showcasing news about startups, keeping it regularly present in people's mind, I hope to encourage those who posses an entrepreneurship drive and the talent to execute on their ideas to step forward.

I look forward to what this space may bring. If you are an entrepreneur, ecosystem player or work at a startup either locally or overseas, I am very keen to learn about your story and possibly feature your profile.

Sincerely yours, Adrian

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