Product Market Fit

Are you solving for a great market with intense pain that creates demand-driven growth

Why Now?

Is there a market/technology inflection point?

Magic Moment

At what point does your customer fall in love with your solution

Customer Success

Can you demonstrate the change brought by your solution to your customers

Metrics that Matter

Are you effectively executing the irrelevant? 

Power Users

Listen to your most engaged clients to discover the insights that get you to a world-class product


Find your power users

Identify user personas that are engaged and that use your solution with measurable frequency. Segment these by cohort for unique insights into your business.


Learn why your customers love your product

What distinguishes power users from your other customers. What holds people back from loving your product? How can you reel in on the fence customers and acquire new markets and channels.


Create a roadmap for success

Double down on the insights given to you by the customers that most care about you. Develop your solution to satisfy the right persona in the right market place.

Our Services

Market Validation Planning

Value Proposition Analysis

Business Plan formulation

Grant / Public funds applications

Pitch Deck Optimisation

Seed/Series A Fundraising strategy

Fundraising project management

Incubator/Accelerator matching

Early stage finance advisory & administration for founders and investors.
Human connections that build relationships, add value and move the needle