How the internet can disrupt football as we know it

Our Triple Flywheel

Games are increasingly becoming the social media of choice to forge relationships. At the time of writing, ROBLOX announced it was preparing its IPO listing. CEO Dave Baszucki states in a letter “From the start, we imagined the possibilities of bringing people together through play. Our goal was to create an online community where people could do things together in virtual worlds. We hoped that by sharing experiences, our users would connect, learn, and have fun with one another.”

The company boasts 150 million concurrent users, and because the platform allows you to create your own games, this means you can earn real money when users make vital purchases, you can thus monetise games through engagement, with creators earning above of $250 million in 2019Source:


@LEET is a gamified online platform where football enthusiasts come together and discover players for their games. Our mission is to transform football lifestyle through play, entertainment and fun!

our triple flywheel

At the time of writing, our product enables the first flywheel “the core utility engine”. Our first users can today make use of a platform that enables them to find friends and discover new people. This differs from the status quo offered by WhatsApp and Facebook, which only enables game organisers to form groups with a hope of finding players for individual games happening at any point in time. By allowing matchmaking and discovery (emulating the value proposition of Tinder and Spotify amongst others) game organisers can identify those individuals who may be best placed to accept their game invite, as well as be approached by people who want to signal their interest to join a game. The first time a user joins, they can find games to join in the current timeframe and add Facebook friends to their preferred team-mate lists. By the fifth time they use the platform, after having participated in a couple of in real life (“IRL”) football games organized via the platform, they will be presented with a list of connections made from games played together, a series of games happening based on choices they have made and a couple of invites from new people with an interest to play together.

The second and third flywheels are conceptual at this point, but they tie in with why I brought up the ROBLOX example. The Game Engine is about engagement and fun. It is the layer that allows you to build your digital journey towards mastery. The key component is feedback! In the form that allows you to build a customized journey that evolves and progresses alongside you. In a previous post, I explain how this journey evolves depending on your propensity for competition, socialization or cosmetics.

This will be accompanied by commonplace gamification elements such as points, badges, leaderboards and levels, but critically, it is based on your personality. Whether you are into football for its competitive, fitness, social or personal development values, you will find a journey worth experiencing.

The final layer is the Social and Economic engine this community user experience can create and benefit from. Roblox users have ROBUX that represent the in-game value of user generated content, which represents real world value too. For @LEET, the master level residents of the platform, can create their own communities, tournaments, missions and competitions. They can create assets, both of digital value to the user’s avatar and persona as well as real life assets, for example allowing competition winners to earn signed memorabilia from Mbappe and Ronaldo. Furthermore, real world interested parties, such as brands, football associations, trainers and clubs can use @LEET for their commercial interests.

Journeys need meaning

The secret to success for @LEET is in its ability to create meaning for its users. We intend to achieve this in multiple ways: there are health and social benefits in sports, we know about these. Football allows you to make new friends, and discover new cultures of play. By participating through the @LEET platform, you will win awards, collect badges and climb leaderboards. Critically, our Social and Economic Engine will allow you to collect more than just memories ****through played football. ****The items you gather along the way, will capture moments and items that are valuable to you personally, but they will also be tradable, and will present a store of wealth. People who dedicate themselves to mastering the @LEET journey can become entitled to host @LEET branded events as well as create signature digital assets to be sold on the platform. Our leaderboards will grant “influencer” status that allow you to participate in once in a lifetime opportunities, like playing vs your footballing heroes or becoming brand ambassadors for corporate partners. Your @LEET profile and progress will be a representation of your footballing status (beyond tricks and skills) and it will provide you with a means to earn a living from your passion as well as a digital passport to be recognized as a football loving ambassador wherever you may travel.

@LEET is seeking to re-think the culture of football…

“I was looking to real world as a guide to understanding the Internet, when it was in fact it was inevitable that the Internet would, over time, come to impact the real world”- Ben Thomson, Mistakes and Memes (Stratechery Weekly Article 2–9–2021)


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