How to get introductions to investors?

There are three buckets you should target to provide intros to investors:

Investors who have confidence in you and your abilities (you probably don´t know many)

Founders, in your network, who have received an investment (these make for strong warm introductions).

Trusted network contacts with working or perosnal relationships with investors (consider ex-colleagues, fellow university or MBA students. Your primary objective with this process is to find the best person to give you an intro; someone who is seen as credible to the investor.

This is because of social proof: you want to get an intro from someone the investor respects and/or has put her money where her mouth is. Make the time and effort to find a warm intro.

  • Identify the right type of investor and build your list
  • Get as specific as possible, and be as close to fit as possible
  • Organize your list, treat is as a sales process


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